Hello, my name is Christina. I am a 50-something sewing enthusiast who loves to sew vintage styles as well as contemporary clothing. I particularly love the tailoring and look of the WWII Swing and 1950s Rockabilly/Mad Men eras. Those eras seem to embrace and celebrate the curvy female figure and the styles are much kinder to the “pear shaped”. I am an Argentine Tango and Ballroom dancing enthusiast and going to dances is the perfect excuse to sew lots of pretty dresses. I am learning to knit as I need something to do with my hands while my husband watches the telly in the evenings. Vintage rhinestone jewelry and Bakelite bangles make me go weak in the knees. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and I adore sewing costumes.

Dressed up for the Rudolph Valentino Birthday Anniversary Tango Dance.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Very cool vintage fashions (and photos)! Terrific work in stitching many of these — quite amazing skill!

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