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I have a dance show coming up and I need to make a retro style jacket. I am playing the part of Lucille Ball and my dance partner is going to be Desi Arnaz in “Cuban Pete”. My inspiration are these images of Lucy and Desi:

Lucy Desi cuban pete 2

It’s hard to guess colors in black and white film, but the few color stills I found show her outfit as emerald green.

Lucy Desi cuban pete 3

They’re even available as dolls!

Lucy Desi cuban pete dolls

The pattern I’m going to use, with some modifications, for the jacket is a retro Butterick 6256.


And just shoot me, I picked this metallic brocade from my stash that frays when I just look at it! The color theme of the event I’m doing this for is Black, White and Red.

Red gold brocade

I’ll have to do some pattern hacking to the front pieces to approximate Lucy’s jacket front.

pattern hacking

Hey, it least I gave myself a month to get it done!