Why, why, why do I do this to myself!?! I have an impending deadline and I have to go and choose the most difficult version in the pattern envelope. I have got to remember to check online if other seamstresses have tried a particular pattern and what, if any, difficulties they encountered. Vogue 7488 vest B is one such pattern I should have checked first [pounds forehead against the sewing room wall here].

My husband and I are ballroom dance instructors and are participating in a fundraiser hosted by our local library. It’s based on the “Dancing With The Stars” or BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” premise of taking a non-dancer (a notable community “star”) and teaching a routine to perform but minus the snarky judging panel. My husband and his “Community Star” are going to do a tango to “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from Evita. The theme of this year’s fundraiser is “Dancing On Broadway”. And as with most local community fundraisers, costuming is on a very tight budget and we performers have to come up with our own. My inspiration for hubby’s costume:

AYME OLIVO as EVA PERON and DAVIS GAINES as JUAN PERON in Musical Theatre West’s Pruduction of EVITA.

Easy enough. I don’t need to come up with a full tux or Argentinian Military uniform. Just a nice tux shirt, white bowtie, a fancy vest and a blue & white sash. So I pulled my never used Vogue 7488 out of the pattern stash. I thought the design lines of View B would be elegant with it’s fancy lapels. I used a lovely white on white jacquard remnant I had in my fabric stash, always a plus to use something I already had. Assembly was going along with no hitches even though the instructions for attaching the under lapel piece to the front are unclear. The illustration just shows the end result and not how to get there. But I am comfortable with stitching pivot points. The trick is to stitch from the pivot point out one side, then manipulate the fabric so you can stitch again from the pivot point out the other side.

First is some stitching to reinforce the pivot area.

Yay! Looks just like the illustration. So far so good. Then OMG the pivot point on the notched collar when attaching the the lining/facing to the main body of the fabric. ACK!!!!! This is all you get in the instructions to do this VERY complicated step:Huh?!?! REALLY?!? You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me! So here is how I did it:

I am not happy with the end result. There is a big lump under the pivot point area and it’s not a very sharp “V”, but more of an inelegant “U”. I am out of time, patience and out of fabric. Thank goodness no one is going to see it up close. Next time I’ll stick to the simpler vest without fancy lapels! I was so frustrated this pattern went right into the fireplace and up in flames.

Hubby on stage with his dance partner for the show: