Here’s another film series about a Seamstress circa WWII. “The Time In Between” is about Sira Quiroga, a young Spanish dressmaker who is engaged to a solid upstanding, if not very exciting, young man. She meets a suave, sweet-talkin’ typewriter salesman who sweeps her off her feet and upends her life. The film is in Spanish, so if you don’t speak it, you’ll have to read the subtitles.

It is set in the time when Spain is being torn apart by a civil war and the new regime’s growing alliances with Nazi Germany. Sira, smart, gutsy and resourceful has the  ability to whip up designer duds on a moment’s notice. She is a skillful seamstress who learned to sew at her unmarried, single mother’s knee. And then starting as a teen, works with her mother (Dolores) in a haute couture workshop.

After Sira jilts her fiancé, she runs off with her cad of a lover, and is callously abandoned by him in Morocco. She has to quickly scramble to raise some cash and agrees to run guns to raise the cash to return to Spain and start her life anew. She opens her own atelier and becomes couturier to the Nazi wives stationed in Madrid. Urged on by her new friend, the real-life British spy Rosalinda Fox, Sira too becomes a spy to aid the British cause.

The costuming is pretty freakin’ fabulous in this film. Even the day dresses are lovely and spot-on!

Here are Sira and Rosalinda on a picnic:

I just dig Rosalinda’s sunglasses:

And everyone wears hats or headscarves:

Here are some of Sira’s coats with fur accents:

Oh yeah, of course there are the evening gowns:

Here is Rosalinda in a “Fortuny” gown. As mistress of a powerful man, she can afford to wear such an expensive gown:

I love the embroidery on the collar of Sira’s cocktail dress:

The series is based on the book by Maria Duenas. Binge watch the series on Netflix even if it’s for nothing but the orgy of time period costumes!