Here is my disco dress for the dance number I choreographed for my “Community Star”, middle school math teacher Mark G. I seem to be getting recruited annually for the Atascadero Library Fundraiser “Dancing With Our Stars 2017”. I may as well enjoy it while I can. It’s great fun. Looking at my calendar, Mark and I logged 120+ hours training in the dance studio.

New Look 6156

New Look 6156 is a dress with darted bodice with a slightly dropped waist and 5 gore flared skirt. I used the size 12 with just minor alterations for fit. The fabric is sequins on polyester net fabric. It is fully lined with black rayon bemberg. I did make a mock-up in muslin to test the fit and style changes I made. There was going to be no room for alterations once I starting working with the sequined fabric. Wow, is sewing with sequins is time intensive. I didn’t give myself nearly enough time to make this dress. I had to remove all the sequins from all the seam allowances with a seam ripper. This is what took FOREVER to do!!!New Look 6156 bThen I had to hand sew them back to fill in some of the bare spots along the seams. But hand sewing the sequins was taking way too long. I finally had to resort to gluing them on because I was rapidly running out of time. New Look 6156 dE6000 glue held like cement. I didn’t lose a single glued-on sequin.New Look 6156 cIt took days longer to sew this dress because of this. I made the mistake of not allowing the extra time, so I was hemming the dress in the afternoon to wear it to that night’s performance. I’m sure there are lots of you seamstresses out there who can relate. And speaking of hems, I used “Seams Great” in black by overlapping 1/4 inch on the right side of the fabric.

Seams Great

Then using a denim needle, sewed it on right through the sequins. I didn’t bother to remove them from the hem edge. I had read somewhere online not to bother with sequin removal there. Then the hem was folded, ironed with a pressing cloth and hand stitched with basically a running stitch. It turned out just fine.

NewLook6156 hem

New Look 6156 f

Style Changes: This pattern has a very wide neckline. I brought the shoulders in and made a U shaped neckline. Since I was using this dress for a dance show, I needed it to stay on my shoulders. Plus I wanted to cover up the bra straps. I also shortened the hem to above the knee.New Look 6156 e

 This dress was very time-consuming but it was worth it. It shined like crazy in the stage lights.

Mark & Christina 6