I missed out on this last year, but Marie of  www.astitchingodyssey.com, is bringing back the “Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge” for a second year! Marie starting the pledge in 2014 because she had been buying vintage and reproduction sewing patterns faster than she could sew them (isn’t that true for most of us?). So she is doing it again this year and inviting all lovers of Vintage Sewing to take the pledge with her. You can see last year’s makes here on her Pinterest board. And you can join her pledge here.
From A Stitching Odysey:
This year the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge is going to be even bigger and better, mainly because I have a co-host! The wonderful Kerry of Kestrel Makes and I will be working tirelessly to bring you monthly inspiration posts through the decades, insights into fellow stitchers’ vintage pattern stashes, giveaways and discounts, round-ups of your makes, and final prizes. Exciting stuff, no!?! 
Whether you’re taking part in the pledge or not, if you have an enviable or eclectic vintage sewing pattern collection we’d love to hear from you! You could be one of our montly interviewees!
If numerical targets aren’t your thing, there are many other ways you can join in, like pledging to:
  • Use your first ever vintage sewing pattern.
  • Sew up a specific pattern from your stash.
  • Explore patterns from a particular decade.
  • Have fun patterns from a certain range of decades.
  • Get creative with you vintage sewing patterns!

I’ll have to think about how I want to participate. Now I could pledge to 5 muslins, or even wearable muslins. That I think I could manage into my sewing queue… Yay! A new reason to go play with my pattern stash!Vintage pledge_edited-1