Erin Fosmire of Miss Crayola Creepy blog fame is hosting a fun Cat Lady Sewing Challenge for all us crazy cat ladies (and gents I’m sure). The only parameter is to use a cat themed fabric and the deadline is the end of October, so there’s plenty of time.crazy cat lady

I’m thinking that a kitty themed print would work well with a vintage or retro styled dress. I went surfing around the web and found some fun kitty prints on Spoonflower and I think the cat print will look best on a sundress and manage to not look too silly. Since I am of mature years, I can’t carry off over-the-top cutsey anymore without looking like a total nutter!

Cat Lady Sewing ChallengeI superimposed Advance 4826 (from the late 1940s) over some kitty print samples. I really like the atomic cat print, number four in the line up, or the hot pink Noir Meow one next to it.

This “Paw Prints Luv My Kitty” print in lavender would look very sweet.Cat swatch dOr this black and white print with black contrasting bands could look a little more sophisticated.Cat swatch cI always love shades of aqua and sea foam green, as they are one of my colors, according to “Color Me Beautiful”, although this print starts to verge on the juvenile. It would probably make a super cute little girl’s dress. Or a really fun apron.Cat swatch 1Then there’s this print in earthy shades of yellows and browns.Cat swatch 2I was wanting another vintage style challenge, but Lucky Lucille is putting off Fall For Cotton until next March. So although this sewing challenge isn’t vintage oriented per se, I’m going to give it a retro twist.