Oh boy! A stylish new period-piece series on Masterpiece Mystery! The year is 1961 and the brilliant Dr. Otto Powell (harboring a dark secret) trapped in a loveless marriage to Elizabeth, develops an attraction to lovely Nurse Angela.  I just streamed the first two episodes on PBS.org. As usual, Masterpiece nails the setting, clothes and feel of the early 1960s, especially the women’s dresses and the men’s haircuts. 

Cast of Breathless

Cast of Breathless

The unhappy couple, Otto and Elizabeth.

Dr. and Mrs. Otto someti

Dr. and Mrs. Otto Powell

Love those retro style dresses!

Breathless 10

Nurse Angela’s sister, Jean, pictured seated below in the red dress, is the scheming tart who tricks Dr. Truscott into marrying her to escape her unhappy home and father. And so because she’s the bad girl, the actress Zoe Boyle, gets to wear some of the prettiest, sexy dresses on the show.

Breathless 2

Love triangle number one: Dr. Otto, wife Elizabeth and Nurse Angela. Breathless 8

 The love triangle number two between Jean, her new husband Dr. Richard Truscott, and his old flame Margaret. I just love the red satin cheongsam Jean wears in the first episode!

Breathless 6

Breathless 11

In episode 2, Air Hostesses of 1961.

Breathless 7

A show worth watching for all lovers of vintage and retro style!