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My husband digs his Mexican Calendar Girl party shirt, made with McCall’s 6044!mex shirt sm

Tom’s chest measures 42in/106cm, so I made the size Large, which resulted in a roomy shirt. The 100% cotton fabric is once again Alexander Henrys “Las Senoritas”, which I just LOVE!!! I have more of this rockin’ fabric and plan to make a rockabilly looking dress for myself. Tom prefers Hawaiian style shirt for parties because they are comfy, loose – so he won’t get too hot, and come in wild prints. He requested that I find a pattern that has the separate collar and collar stand. He doesn’t like how shirts with the all-in-one-piece collar and collar band combo sit on his neck. He won’t even buy ready-to-wear with that type of collar. An example of this collar-and-band-in-one technique is Simplicity’s 5581:Simp 5581

This one-piece collar-plus-band also results in wide facings down the shirt front, which my husband also finds objectionable. I used the Simplicity shirt pattern only once and now I just save it for the hat and cargo shorts.

On McCall’s 6044 pattern I made a couple of modifications. I straightened the curved-in side seams because he is not nineteen years old and has a regular middle-aged man’s figure. And to make it easier to match the fabric print on the button band, I added the button band pattern piece to the shirt’s front pattern piece, overlapping and lining up the stitching lines, so I could cut it out in one. This simple fold over button band made it WAY easier to match up the fabric print.

My husband felt the sleeves were just a tad short when compared to ready-to-wear shirts of the same style, so the next time I use the McCall’s pattern I will add an inch to the sleeve length. I also felt the pockets were placed an tad too high on the chest, so I will be lowering their placement by 1/2 and inch.Beeytjam 16My dress is Vogue Easy Options 8555, which I used for my 2012 Halloween Ginger Costume. The fabric is another of Alexander Henry’s wicked cool prints called “Corazones Hearts”.AH Corazones Hearts