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My husband really likes the Mexican Calendar Girl shirt I sewed for my painting instructor and asked me asked me to sew him one too. There’s a party we’re going to this weekend and this was the perfect excuse for me to rev up my sewing machine. I just finished up last night with two days to spare, so I’m going to sew a new dress for myself to wear to the party too. Nothing gets me going like an imminent deadline! Like the first Calendar Girl shirt, I used McCall’s 6044, but this time View A. My husband requested short sleeves and a straight, Hawaiian Shirt style hem. I’ll post more photos with him modeling his shirt next week. In the meantime, here are a couple of picky details.

I matched the print’s pattern in the pockets and the shirt’s button front. It takes more time and more fabric to match the print, but the results are so worth it! And I’m pleasantly surprised by how many men notice that level of detail.Las senoritas 3Las senoritas 1

And this may be really, really picky, but I didn’t notice I had stitched the button band’s topstitching line (the line on the right) at a 2.2 setting (Janome’s 14 sts per inch/ 6 sts per cm) and the line on the left is 2.6 (11 sts per inch/ 4.2 sts per cm). That might seem insignificant but it looked amateurish or “made with loving hands at home.” Las senoritas 2

So I ripped it out and re-sewed the topstitching at 2.6. Much better! That may seem overkill, but even from a few feet away, the difference could be seen, even if it was only a subconscious niggling feeling. I’m glad I took the 10 minutes it took to re-do it. I want it to look as professional as possible since my husband will probably brag how I sewed his “party shirt”.


McCall’s 6044