Toast is a biographical movie about English food writer, journalist and broadcaster chef Nigel Slater. The movie opens in 1967 with nine year old Nigel Slater (played by Oscar Kennedy) who loves his mother even though she is a terrible cook. The best she can do is toast, meanwhile young Nigel drools over the pictures of food in cookbooks under the covers with a flashlight at night. His mother dies of asthma and Nigel is left with a distant father. Mrs. Joan Potter, played by the delightfully quirky Helena Bonham Carter, arrives on the scene to be the new cleaner and it’s clear she is aiming to be the next Mrs. Slater by teasing Mr. Slater with glimpses of the tops of her stockings and garters whilst dusting in high places. Joan is also a very good cook but this only makes for rivalry with Nigel, who as he gets older and is the only boy in his cookery class at secondary school, competes with her to gain his father’s love and approval.

Nigel helping his mother attempt to bake a cake. The colors are all autumn-like, mustards, browns and greens in the set decor and clothes.

Toast 1

Nigel looking very much in the mid-sixties in his plaid shirt and short pants.

Toast 3Toast 2

The food styling cracked me up. The food spreads look like they came right out of my mother’s 1960s Betty Crocker cookbook. The new Mrs. Slater made most of the food for her wedding to Nigel’s father. Nigel is incredulous that his father could interested in a woman who wears Crimplene.

Toast 4

Here is the scheming Mrs. Potter whipping up her stellar cake.

Toast 5

The competition between Nigel’s Trifle and Joan’s Lemon Merengue Pie.

Toast 6