I settled on Marian Martin 9247 for my project. I love all of the patterns I put up in my last post, but with limited spare time for sewing, I can only fit in one project plus the slip (Hollywood Pattern 789). I really love the Hollywood 1127, but I don’t have enough yardage in my vintage fabric stash. And I narrowed it down further between the Marian Martin pattern vs. the very similar Hollywood 1069 because I like the gathered detail at the yoke line on the Marian Martin. So now the next step is to trace out the pattern and do a muslin mockup. Normally I wouldn’t bother with a muslin on a simple princess seam design, but I want to be very careful since I’m going to use one of my vintage fabrics.

Marian Martin 9247

Here’s how I’m testing my fabrics. I traced a line drawing from the pattern and scanned it with a transparent background into Photoshop Elements. Then I layered it on top of scanned images of my fabric. The fabric is not to scale by a long shot! The first three print designs are quarter (USA coinage) sized and the flower design on the navy print (on the far right) is about 2 inches (3cm) square. Not perfect, but I now have a rough idea of how the fabrics would look. Much better than just trying to visualize it in my imagination.

Marian Martin Fabric testing