I plan to participate in Gertie’s lingerie sew along, so I’ve been surfing around the web looking for vintage slip ideas. I have found that there’s plenty of yummy lingerie images from the “pre-code” hollywood days, and it looks like actresses, like Joan Blondell, were seen quite often in their lingerie before the “Hays Code” started enforcing the decency standards in the 1930s.

Joan Blondell Joan Blondell 2Even silent film star Clara Bow appears on screen in her undergarments:

Clara Bow 2Clara Bow 1

Miriam Hopkins must have made that Lieutenant smile in, “The Smiling Lieutenant”, prancing around in her undies.

Miriam Hopkins 3

Joan Crawford workin’ it in her pre-mommie dearest days, although the look on her face here is one I would call “issuing a challenge”:

Joan Crawford

Carole Lombard and Josephine Dunn having a chat in the 1930s film, “Safety in Numbers”.

Carole Lombard Josephine Dunn %22safety in Numbers%22Another still from “Safety in Numbers”. This time Kathryn Crawford joins in with Carole Lombard and Josephine Dunn.

Pre code 1I didn’t know that Ginger Rogers posed for racy lingerie shots?!?

Ginger lingerieThen it seems to go dark with the on-screen sexy underwear until 1953’s “Niagra” with the sizzling hot Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe NiagraAnd she appears again in her slip in this on-the-set shot for 1955’s “The Seven Year Itch”.

Marilyn monroe 7 yr itchLiz Taylor created a lot of buzz in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (1958, with Paul Newman). The top photo shows the actual movie set with the beige and white decor of the couple’s bedroom. I think the bottom photo is a stage setup for publicity stills since the wall color is more neutral gray.

CatonaHotTinRoof 1

She looks caged in by the bed in these publicity stills:

CatonaHotTinRoof 2And Liz’s iconic Woman-in-her-slip image from 1960’s “Butterfield 8” movie:

1960 "Butterfield 8"

1960 “Butterfield 8”

So now that my head is full of vintage images, I need to go shopping for supplies. Anybody know of good sources for ornate lingerie lace?