Please be kind, I am a beginning knitter. This is only the second sweater I have ever knit in my life. I used a vintage knitting pattern, “Phyllis Bed Jacket”, which I got from Subversive Femme (Bex’s) store on Etsy.

1940s Phyllis bed jacketThe yarn was from my stash, a very soft Merino/Acrylic blend call “Country” by Naturally Caron. I don’t think they make it anymore, although some people still have it for sale on Etsy and ebay. I was trying to pose exactly like the model on the magazine, but when I try to pout, I just look like I’m having acid reflux.

Christina Troxel & Phyllis Sweater Knit4Victory 1

It knit up very fast after a few false starts trying to get the lacy parts to work right.  I have found that most vintage patterns are only written in one size. In this case, a 34″ bust, and I needed a 36″ bust. But it was super easy to add a couple of inches to the pattern’s bust measurement. I chose to forego the bows. This rich, deep teal color didn’t call for frippery. The worst part was sewing up the seams and I put it off until the last minute for the Knit For Victory deadline.

Christina Troxel & Phyllis Sweater Knit4Victory 3

I had some pretty vintage buttons that were the exact color of the yarn, but they were too small and popped right out of the buttonholes. So I used larger, plain Mother-of-Pearl buttons instead. I liked having this challenge to keep me working along with this project. This is one that didn’t end up in the unfinished projects pile. I’m very happy with it.

Christina Troxel Phyllis Sweater Knit4Victory 2

I’m wearing vintage thermoset earrings. They are the old screw back kind, and boy do they pinch. How did my mother wear them with a calm look on her face all day long? I will probably horrify vintage purists by admitting that I’m going to convert them to pierced earrings.