I love the costumes of Marnie Madden (played by Oona Chaplin), wife of Anchor Newsman Hector Madden on The Hour and Betty Draper (January Jones), wife of Don Draper on Mad Men. These women are the wives of well-to-do men, and so their wardrobes would reflect their husbands’ success.Betty & Marnie 2

Here are the women with their respective philandering husbands.Betty & Marnie 3

Betty Drapers actual Haus-Frau vs. Marnie’s idealized happy homemaker on her cooking show. Betty’s brown plaid wallpaper looks really dull compared to Marnie’s cloyingly pink TV studio set walls.Betty & Marnie 4

Even though the two show are set in slightly different time periods, Mad Men starts in 1960 and The Hour in 1956, the fashion for full crinoline dresses are present in both shows.Betty & Marnie 5

Unfortunately, The Hour was not renewed for a 3rd season. I would love to see what Marnie would wear next.Marnie Madden