Yay! Here is the French Maid costume all done and ready to go to the party.

Christina Troxel French maid 1

There’s a lot of boning in the bodice. It can stand up all by itself.Christina Troxel French Maid backThis luscious and soft petticoat slip (called the “Lolita”) is from pettiskirtstyle.com. Don’t-cha just dig the spiderweb pantyhose? And that’s a real feather duster from the hardware store.

French Maid pettislip

My husband loves the goth-like spider jewelry.

French maid jewelryI could use the feather duster or my cat, Sophie, to dust with.

Christina Troxel French Maid kittyThe pattern is Butterick 5944, and I think it’s from the late 1980s. The fabric is an inexpensive crepe-backed satin from Joann’s. Since this is just a costume, I used that plastic boning instead of my good spiral steel boning. The plastic stuff worked just fine after I straightened it out by plunging it for 30 seconds in very hot water. The instructions called for boning along the neckline edge, but I didn’t like how stiff it looked, so I just inserted elastic instead and it conforms around my shoulders much better. There’s no worries about the bodice coming down because of all the boning in there. I also eliminated the attached netting because I had the petticoat already, so this was a quick and easy pattern to sew.

Butterick 5944