Since I don’t have cable TV (because I live way out in the hills) I miss the first run of many shows. A friend was raving about the “Bomb Girls” series so I am just now getting to watch it on Netflix. I think the only advantage there is I get to watch the episodes back to back in one go. I am just loving the clothes and hairstyles! I love it when a series gets the hairstyles spot-on, unlike some of the period dramas made in the 1960s where the female characters had big, teased bouffant hair-dos while wearing 1870s clothes.  Bomb Girls is a wonderful show about women working in a Canadian munitions plant during WWII and how really hard and complicated it was to live through that time in history. Although the show is already cancelled, there was an overwhelming response from the show’s fans and a movie shoot is now underway.

bomb-girls-5I love the dresses the characters wear, even their ordinary day dresses.


And everyone wears hats:

Bombgirls hats

Or course, Gladys Witham (played by pretty Jodi Balfour), the wealthy-socialite-turned-factory-girl, wears some of the show’s yummiest clothes.

Gladys Witham 1

Gladys Witham 2

Although I do love Lorna Corbett’s (played by the talented Meg Tilly) “best dress” she wore to make her speech:


Another time she wears the same dress out at a celebratory dinner:Bomb6

Lorna Corbett is the show’s Superwoman. She is the factory Matron (I assume that’s like a shift supervisor) and homemaker extraordinaire, who works long shifts and still gets dinner on the table and keeps a spotless house.  Those were the days when men were not expected to lift a finger to help with the housework. She also has a brief, steamy affair with a much younger man (Marco) AND has two grown sons who are serving overseas in the thick of the fighting that she worries about constantly. The woman has a full plate!lornacorbettI hope at some time there will be a “Bomb Girls Sewing Challenge” hosted on the web in the future where we can try to recreate our favorite Bomb Girl dress or outfit.


And because my husband and I are into swing dancing, I dig the dancing scenes.

106307_gmed bomb-girls_1_51e197dc9606ee0f3432b4c4

BOMB GIRLSbomb-girls-tv-series