Mary Quant was a British fashion designer and icon who was instrumental in the Mod and youth fashion movements in 1960s London. She encouraged young people to treat fashion as fun and to dress to please themselves.

Mary Quant in 1966

Mary Quant in 1966

In 1955, she opened Bazaar, a boutique on the King’s Road, at a time when “fashion wasn’t designed for young people”. Quant was influenced by the Chelsea beatniks and the dance outfits she remembered from childhood. Famed for popularizing (there is a lot of debate about who actually invented it) the mini skirt, her clothes were made up of simple shapes combined with strong colours. I bet the character, Megan, from Mad Men, would have totally embraced this designer’s early ’60s style.

Butterick hired Mary Quant to design patterns for their Young Designers Series.  Judging by the near or at-the-knee hemlines, I would say the following are from the early half of the 1960s. These would be great to get ahold of if you want to make a Megan-like look for yourself.

Mary Quant B3498

Mary Quant B3505

Mary Quant B3287

Mary Quant 4578

Mary Quant 4308

Mary Quant B 3288

Mary Quant B4128

Mary Quant B3499

Mary Quant B4787

Butterick 3831

Butterick 3831