Coletterie’s sew-along/contest for their Hawthorn Dress has gotten underway. I wasn’t sure if I would like the fabric I chose for the design, so I found a quick way to check using Photoshop Elements. I took Coletterie’s orginal design photo:


And took a scan of my fabric and shrank it down to scale (eyeballed) on the page. I had to “tile” it to get enough area to cover the dress in the photo:

RayonFabricComThen with the with the polygonal lasso tool I did a quick and dirty cut out of the dress  in Photoshop (no need for precision here, it’s just a fabric test) and hit the delete button:

Hawthorn dress cut out

Then layered the fabric under the photo and there you have it:

HawthornFabricTestI think this really helped me too see if I would like my fabric choice in this silhouette/style. And yep, I’m making it.