This early 1950s Simplicity pattern for sale on Etsy cracks me up! Those tulip appliqués are ginormous! If I wore view 2, the green one, while mopping the floor and my husband saw me, he would fall down on the floor laughing!

Simplicity 3383 frontOn the back of the envelope it looks like view 1, the red one with rick-rack trim, is actually a kind of dress. They call it a “pinafore” because, I guess, it only has the one button closure on the back. I assume the 1950s housewife wore this as a kind of work dress with a slip underneath or else her behind would wave in the breeze. The four pockets look like overkill, or maybe she plans to carry all her household cleaning products in them!

Simplicity 3383 backNow view 3, just the apron, has that kitschy, retro appeal. That would be the version I would choose. In fact, now that I’m rolling ideas around in my mind, I think it would look super cool made up in a sheer pink organza and the tulip pockets done in red organza.

Simplicity 3383 view 3