Katherine Robinson of The Whirling Turban Studio is a vintage style enthusiast who creates couture reproductions of vintage style dresses in her “small, custom design studio surrounded by an orchid-dripping and dragonfly-humming tropical garden in exotic Bali.” Wow, if you’re going to have your own business you may as well place it in a paradise. Her specialty is reproduction style wedding dresses and the Alfred Shaheen-like Hawaiian dress.

She uses the old construction techniques so her dresses have all those details to give “that look” we love about vintage garments. She also utilizes local fabric dyers, printers and weavers for her fabrics which give her dresses rich and authentic look that just can’t be done using contemporary polyester-type fabrics.

Most popular dressWhirling Turban’s Most Popular Dress

This dress is made from 5+ yards of Whirling Turban’s own 100% hand-woven cotton, that is woven in a way that creates a luster that looks like an iridescent silk. The “wings” can be worn up or down and can be worn strapless or with the optional sweetheart halter straps. It has vintage-style elastic ruching as well as boning in the back so it stays snug and flat against the body. Using construction techniques true to the vintage era, the bodice front has boned inner cups, just like vintage dresses.

shoulder sash 1

The Shoulder Sash Dress

Oh my, a tight wiggle dress! This dress can be worn with or without the button-in shoulder sash and also comes with the optional button-in halter strap. The peacock color of the fabric looks like if you saw it in person, it could make your eyes swim!


Black “Jacks” Sarong Dress with Devil Red Details

Another wiggle dress I would love to squeeze into. The mid-century jacks print fabric is custom hand-printed especially for Whirling Turban. The Wing Bust on the corselette can be arranged “wings” up or down. It also comes with the optional halter strap.

And then there is the drool-worthy bride and bridesmaid page.

The "Simone" Wedding dress

The “Simone” Wedding dress

From the Trompe-L’oeil Corsage to the small, “gravity-defying” sleeves that cling precipitously on the outermost edges of the shoulders, what vintage loving bride wouldn’t love to wear this dress on her wedding day? The very wide expanse of chest and shoulders was very popular in The Bombshell Era. Whirling Turban was inspired by the designs of the 1950s designer, Peggy Wood. She utilized the wide “Y” line made by this type of sleeve or shoulder straps to enhance the prized hourglass-shape figure by making the waist appear narrower by contrast. Whirling Turban kept the circle skirt down to a 3/4 circle so the volume wouldn’t be so overwhelming, plus it makes it more slimming and just right for crinolines.

Go take a look. Ooh la la indeed!