I am increasingly attracted to scalloped details lately. Scallops seem to come and go through the decades. I have recently refined my searches for vintage patterns to find those with scalloped necklines, collars, closures, hemlines and pocket details. Scallops can be such an elegant and graceful finish or add some whimsy.

I just recently snapped up a wicked cute Marian Martin pattern from Etsy that has an asymmetrical scalloped neck closure. I have hesitated trying to sew scallops because they have to be precisely stitched to look right. One scallop with a flattened or uneven curve will look all wonky and be way too noticeable. I like to avoid the “made with loving hands at home” look in my sewing. I have some pretty vintage rayon yardage from the same era that would look so great in this style.

1940s Vintage Marian Martin Mail Order Pattern 9122

1940s Vintage Marian Martin Mail Order Pattern 9122

Here are some modern patterns with scalloped details from 1982, 1992 & 2003. I remember the Vogue Pant Suit in the pattern catalog 10 years ago.

Modern Scallops

And how about the 1960s. Look how in just 3 years the dresses go from hour-glass form fitting to strictly A-line from neck to hem. I wonder exactly when women ditched gloves and hats for everyday wear.

The Swingin' 60s

Oh, to be a 1950s housewife! “Oh Lucy! You have some splainin’ to do!”:

The quest for the perfect casserole 1950s

And my fav, the Swing WWII era plus a 1930s thrown in:

Swing Era 1Swing Era 2