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Here is a recent project I’ve completed, a denim corset. The pattern used is from Laughing Moon Mercantile but with some modifications since I wear it on its own as outerwear. I added to the bust for more over the top coverage, shortened the bottom so it doesn’t travel so far down my hips, and cut down the upper back so it doesn’t go so far up between my shoulder blades. I wasn’t going for historical accuracy here. I didn’t realize that Victorian corsets went so high up the back. No wonder Victorian women look so upright and straight backed in those old illustrations and photos!

JoAnn, the owner of Laughing Moon, has an instructional DVD which greatly helps to demystify the whole process, and breaks down corset construction into manageable steps. I followed right along with her as I made mine. My corset is made out of very heavy weight denim and lined with a bright coral calico cotton.

The inside lining.